Testimonials from my EFT clients

Hi All, just wanted to say that working with Sue via Zoom video conference as a client has been incredibly positive. As a therapist myself,  it has given me the opportunity to experience the fact that the effects, benefits, and results which EFT has on an individual are still the same whether session is conducted virtually or face to face with the client. I must add that I really enjoyed working with Sue, I liked the way she conducted the session, the flexibility and ability she displayed to tune into the issue so precisely. She immediately peeled off the layers and got straight to the core issue, dealing with it in a very warm, and caring manner.  Sue makes you feel amazingly comfortable, safe, and relaxed during the session. Thank you.

Maribel Bossino-Pincho

Gibraltor, April 2020

Sue is warm, kind hearted and extremely professional at the same time. I immediately felt at ease so I could open up to her to gain the best possible outcome from her work. I didn't feel rushed by Sue yet she was quick to know which therapeutic approach I needed to clear past trauma and recent obstacles. I felt supported, understood and not at all judged. 


I would absolutely recommend EFT. It is so incredibly powerful. I am not new to this approach yet I was blown away by the effectiveness in just a short period of time, to facilitate some deep healing, beautifully guided by Sue. Her experience of this work and her use of NLP is subtle yet powerful. I felt like I was truly cared for, truly seen, and my sessions were perfectly tailored to my individual needs. 


I would not hesitate to get back in touch with Sue for future sessions if I wobble again. I have been given tools to self soothe and self regulate which were useful between sessions, and I will continue to tap myself. Sue excels with her words, as if she is in my shoes. Some work was content free and issues could be worked through without needing to explain - another gem I love about this work. It makes it so much more empowering, and the results are incredible. I feel completely different and so grateful to have worked with Sue.  


Norfolk, April 2020

I had 3 sessions with Sue Cooke over 3 weeks, we looked at different issues from direction, pushing to much to prove my past school teachers wrong and also some shoulder pain I've had for months. From the very first session I felt very comfortable with Sue, from her very calm voice to exceptional listening and using this for the structure of our sessions, I found myself opening up more than I expected because of how comfortable I felt, after each of the sessions I felt calm and positive to take action because I wanted to not because I felt I had to, my shoulder pain has been much better since our session, still there but much better than before, thank you so much Sue and would recommend you to anyone in need of help.


Suffolk, May 2020

Recently, I had three sessions of EFT with Sue. I wanted help with some longstanding health issues relating to an auto-immune condition and with some anxieties in relation to my son.

As we are all in ‘lockdown’ the session was via Zoom. This worked well due to Sue’s professional manner and her thoroughness in guiding me through the sessions. She helped me to feel at ease and I trusted her.

After the first two sessions, I had started to feel better physically and mentally. Then something occurred with my son – and all the anxieties came rushing back!! I had one more session, then felt grounded and calm. Sue also recommended and sent to me some homeopathic remedies. When the next situation arose and when I might have felt overwhelmed by worry and lost a night’s sleep, it did not happen!! I was calm and rational, took one of the homeopathic pills – and had a good nights sleep! This was a profound change for me - and I thank Sue for helping me.

I would highly recommend Sue as an EFT therapist and homeopath.

Dawn Sedgwick

Yorkshire, May 2020 

It has been great working with Sue. She has fantastic knowledge on Tapping and it has benefited me greatly. Sue looks at your whole issues and help you to navigate through to find a solution. I can't thank her enough for the time Sue gave me. She also has a very calm nature which put you at ease to start your conversation.

Thank you very much Sue.


Essex, May 2020

Sue is an outstanding EFT practitioner and has helped not only myself, but also my clients on their healing journeys. Sue introduced me to EFT and how it can help you heal and it has become something that I continue to use daily. Sue has guided me through some serious trauma with ease and has helped me process and come to terms with things that have happened and release them, all within 1 session. It is such important work and I’d recommend Sue to everyone.

Emma Marshall

London, May 2020

I have been working with Sue for over 3 years now. Sue has been recommended to me by a mutual friend/client. She is not only excellent at what she does with so much knowledge and precision but she is extremely compassionate human being. Lately alongside with homeopathic treatments Sue has been treating me, in this very difficult  times without ever turning me down, with an EFT. Not only she knows how to use the EFT she is able to tailor make it to benefit the individual needs at a given time. Although familiar with the tapping method ,until Sue, Eft now became a daily practice of my life, she made it so easy to apply in my life and I can not extend my heart felt gratitude to Sue in any given words.

Fatosh Delgado

Spain, May 2020

Sue is a fantastic homeopath she diagnosed immediately when I told her about  my problem. She has very caring nature and always go over and beyond to serve her client. Thank you very much Sue. 


Essex, May 2020

My EFT sessions with Sue were powerful and transformative. Sue has an empathetic and very kind nature, and even though she didn't know me at all, she got to the root of my issues straightaway, and seemed to have an instinctive knowing of what I needed to work with. The words she used, and the approach she took, was very reassuring, and she held very supportive space whilst she  guided me through the process.  Afterwards I felt a big shift, and I have seen very definite improvements after only two sessions.  This is a really wonderful technique, and it works, thank you Sue!


June 2020, West Sussex

I had a fantastic session of EFT with Sue, which helped me make major breakthroughs in my understanding of the situation I was in and healing it. Sue is an extremely gifted therapist who is able to get to the root of the issue and fully cover it. This helps to gain a much better understanding and perspective of your situation, realising any blocks to healing you may be experiencing, while also allowing you to remove overpowering negative emotions. 

I would highly recommend EFT as it allows you to process things that are otherwise overwhelming, giving you a much healthier mindset and allowing for huge amounts of growth. 

I also highly recommend Sue, who is very easy to talk to, very gifted and listens to your issue without judgement but with plenty of understanding!  


Suffolk, May 2020

Hi Sue,

Thank you so much for the session that we had. You used  EFT which has  helped me to stop procrastinating.

I am feeling motivated and am being very proactive, I felt safe and supported during the session and was able to relax very easily. 

Thank you once again 

Sonya Hudson

Cumbria, April 2020

I came to Sue with a myriad of unhelpful and upsetting thoughts and emotions linked with memories, some of them from as long as 15 years ago. Within 2 sessions Sue cut the ties with my most distressing memories and given me a new lease of mental life. I no longer dwell on or remember these situations with that stomach churning dread and shame, but think of them objectively. Even more than this, with the tips and tools Sue's given me I not only feel more confident in myself, but have some weapons in my arsenal should I face a new and unsettling situation or experience. I'm enormously grateful to Sue for her compassion, empathy and warmth, and her skills and talents in freeing me of long-held burdens. I think Sue might be a bit magic!  


Essex, April 2020

Sue you made it easy for me to identify my problem and then gave me the resources, within a couple of sessions, to be able to stay in my power. A revelation. Thankyou.


Gibraltor, April 2020

I had been on a merry go ride with chronic illness for the past three years, prior to that I relied on conventional doctors and prescription drugs to “help” with my health. After a lot of disappointments I realised there is no magic pill so I started looking outside mainstream medicine. On my journey I connected with Sue and learned about EFT. With an open mind I gave it a try and WOW!  I had resentment / trauma / grief & blockages that I hadn’t dealt with for years that lead to trapped emotions & thoughts. Within one session Sue listened to me with great intent and helped me let go and re-wired my thought processes. The tapping and saying affirmations out loud helped me change my perceptions and re wiring my brain waves. I instantly felt calmer, balanced and I truly let go of the resentment and the hurt I carried. Instead I learned the lessons. I praise myself in my resilience, with the knowledge I gained. Mostly I have learned to love and accept myself for who I am.  I can now see the positives of every event & everything that happened. Out of all the practitioners I have worked with over the years, Sue is one that truly wants to help others and teach them life long tools to learn how to change their life around, cope and adapt to life. Sue truly wants to heal others and she has the magic to do it. Thank you Sue for helping me heal, and putting me on this magical healing journey and on a ride I am truly blessed to be on. 


Glasgow, May 2020

Working with Sue has been incredible. She is a one of a kind person. There’s a lot of stuff I needed help working through, and she’s been incredible every step of the way. I didn’t know what to expect with tapping but I went in open minded. It has been the most helpful tool I’ve tried so far. I’ve done tapping by myself but Sue’s guidance takes it to the next level. A lot of things I could mentally process, but could still feel in my body. Tapping with Sue has been the key to unlocking the feelings that were trapped in my body. It was like I had a bunch of locked doors, and Sue magically opened them. She ripped the doors right off their hinges and now everything is flowing freely. I look at my anxiety much differently now, I feel empowered when I’m anxious over something because I know I’ll be able to work on it with Sue and then it’ll be behind me for good. We’ve been getting to the root of a lot of my self restricting behaviours and limiting beliefs. After only three sessions I’m able to say with certainty that Sue has changed my life forever. I look forward to every session we have because I know I can be completely honest without facing judgment, I’ll end up thinking differently about my problems or forgetting them all together, and I’ll walk away with many helpful tricks to practice while going about my life. I would recommend anyone with any sort of problem (so every single person) to work with Sue because she has a magical and extremely effective way of helping, healing and guiding. 


New York, May 2020

I cannot thank or recommend Sue and the EFT treatment enough. She was understanding and caring and put me at ease straight away. 

Sue helped me reframe my worries and then through the tapping release the thoughts and feelings that were connected to my fears.
Each of my sessions with Sue were very positive and I instantly felt calm, confident and motivated.


Kent, April 2020

It has been great working with Sue. She has fantastic knowledge on Tapping and it has benefited me greatly. Sue looks at your whole issues and help you to navigate through to find a solution. I can't thank enough for the time Sue gave me. She also has a very calm nature which put you at ease  to start your conversation. Thank you very much Sue 


Essex, April 2020