Testimonials from my Homeopathy clients

"I’ve known Sue for a number of years and I have found her to be a kind, caring and capable person. Whatever she does she invests all her effort and gives so much of herself to ensuring that the outcomes are as good as they can be.

I’m a cynic which means that I have difficulty in believing in alternative treatments. However, I managed to end up suffering from eczema. Initially in the ears, itchy and painful when it became infected after scuba diving.  This spread and it ended up on the palms of my hands and shins; scaly, itchy and unsightly.

I tried creams from the doctor which masked the symptoms but did not cure the problem. So I turned to Sue, who had the advantage that she could take time to understand the problem and provide an effective treatment.  She provided me with some tiny white tablets which were easy to take and to my surprise worked and my eczema has completely gone. Amazing!.

Sue and I spent some time looking into the issues around why I had got the eczema in the first place and decided that it was stress related. Sue then gave me some useful advice on relaxation techniques and I have looked seriously at the way I am doing things and made changes.

Sometimes it takes someone looking in from the outside listening and giving a lot of care and consideration to our problems to help us.  Sue is really good at doing this." 


"Sue is a fantastic homeopath she diagnosed immediately when I told her about  my problem. She has very caring nature and always go over and beyond to serve her client. Thank you very much Sue".

"Sue has treated me and my children for numerous things and we have all had fantastic results. I will always consult with her in the future. I much prefer to take an alternative route than conventional medicine where possible which can have many side effects. 

Sue is kind and compassionate, understanding and helpful and I would recommend her 100%.  Thank you for all your help Sue." 


"Sue Cooke has been our family Homeopath for a number of years now.  She has great wisdom, skill and understanding and has really made a difference to us all, from my grandchildren, my daughters and to me. Highly recommended."

Kathryn Temple

Founder & CEO, The Happiness Foundation

"My family has greatly benefited from Sue Cooke as our chosen family Homeopath. She is thorough and has much expertise and experience that we call upon whenever needed."

Anne Pearson

Legal PA

"Sue has such an innate understanding and deep knowledge of homeopathy.  She has been such a wonderful support to me and my family.  I’m so glad I found her!  Since becoming a mother I’ve become even more interested in living as naturally as possible and homeopathy has been such a wonderful addition to us.   Homeopathy now is always the first thing I turn to.  It’s helped us and supported our lives over the past two years."