An initial homeopathic consultation will usually last up to 1.5 hours as I need to gather as much information as I can about you. This generally includes family history, significant memorable events in your life and personal information such as likes and dislikes. This is your chance to talk about you and any concerns you may have.  

Both Homeopathy and EFT are Holistic treatments so every aspect of your physical and mental wellbeing will be taken into consideration. For your Homeopathic treatment, the more information you give me, the better chance I have of selecting the most appropriate remedy/s for your treatment.

Homeopathy works very much on the individual person. It is very specific and can take time to match the best remedy to the symptoms presented. Long standing chronic conditions take longer than an acute condition and can take at least 3 months of treatment. It is recommended to make an appointment generally every four weeks and then gradually extend the interval of appointments as symptoms resolve.


Follow up appointments will generally last up to 1 hour. By working together we can establish how you are progressing and continue to monitor symptoms. 


All consultations are private and confidential and are held in a friendly safe environment.


Remember always consult your GP with any health concerns you may have.

About your consultation 


First consultation: £65/£75* 

(for up to 1.5 hours)

Following consultations: £50/£60* 

(for up to 1 hour)


My clinics are in Norwich, Southwold and Halesworth. 

Price packages are available for multiple sessions

All sessions are pre-paid. 

Once we have arranged your appointment, your time is reserved in the diary. 

I do ask for AT LEAST 24 hours Notice of cancellation otherwise the full cost of the session will be chargeable. 

*Please note that prices in my Norwich Clinic are higher to cover extra expenses incurred.