About Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) 

EFT is a method of tapping on the accupressure points which run along the main meridians of the body.  Instead of using needles we tap with our fingers and whilst focusing on the disturbance we tap on these particular meridian points. This can be done silently or by talking it through. During the session you will learn how to use this technique yourself and be able to take away these skills to continue tapping in between sessions if you choose.

As the practitioner, I will guide you and tailor the session to suit your needs. What works best for one person, may be different for another. Some people like to talk their issue through and some people like to say very little. Either way, the results can still be remarkable.  Please take a look at my testimonial page to see what others have to say about their session. 

  • EFT is gentle, non-invasive, permanent and rapid and best of all there are no side effects

  • EFT CAN re-code and release PTSD and TRAUMA

  • EFT can help reduce physical pain and lower blood pressure

  • EFT can help to reduce feelings of stress and can strengthen your immune system

  • EFT can change old negative thought patterns into positive beliefs

THE ISSUES ARE IN THE TISSUES! Release the issues and free the tissues!

Emotional issues get stored away and buried. Out of sight, out of mind! Our body is well aware they are still there. We each have our favourite dumping place which could be;-

  • Throat area – may reduce your will and ability to self express and communicate your truth.  Can cause recurring throat problems

  • Chest area – which may cause pain, tightness, heaviness and palpitations

  • Under the rib cage  - may restrict breathing and affect your digestive system

  • Lower abdomen  - may affect your bowls and reproductive system

  • Neck, shoulders, Upper back, lower back  - which may cause stiffness and pain

Not forgetting  - The Mind!  Have you ever had thoughts that go round like an old record!                            

This can cause; Stress, anxiety, unworthiness, lack of confidence, dwelling and depression.

Change old negative thought patterns into positive beliefs and be empowered. 

Empower your life and be the person you were born to be! 

If you have experienced any of the above then it’s time to rise up and transform your life!

Are you ready to change your mind, change your thoughts and change your life? 

Let the doors open and the path be clear.  A new journey can begin.

Get in touch today and together we will begin to make it happen! 

Sue Cooke Changing Minds and Changing Lives. International Change Agent!